MW 3 Trailer with Jonah hill…why thank you

I can smell it already…gamer sweat, Cheetos residue, and the tears of neglected girlfriends from all over the globe. That means only one thing. Modern Warfare 3 has arrived.

That’s right people. It’s November and Activision is here with another entry in their blockbuster series Call of Duty. This time, development switched back to the crafty folks at Infinity Ward. Fanboys might be lamenting the untimely resignation of IW’s creators, but their departure doesn’t seem to affect projected sales. As the third and final installment in the much lauded Modern Warfare line, this game is guaranteed to break every entertainment record known to man.

Activision has added a little gasoline to the fire by releasing this hilarious teaser starring Jonah Hill and Sam Worthington. Check it out:

If only Jonah Hill was a playable character!!! There are few things I would enjoy more than running around the battlefield as that questionably anorexic Superbad star.

Modern Warfare 3 will hit stores this Tuesday, November 8th and make sure you check in with us throughout the week as I keep you up to date with the victims of my gamer rage…at this point I’m predicting 3 broken controllers, 1 broken mic, and at least 578 children verbally assaulted via XBOX Live.