Majora’s Mask Bling? Why Yes Please.

If there’s one thing we love here at UTF, it’s gotta be the heroic tales of that green clad tot from Hyrule. If you’ve failed to understand that reference, we’re obviously talking about the Legend of Zelda.

We love the games so much, that our obsession teeters on the edge of insanity. Our UK editor Ciaran has already designated “Tingle” to be the name of his firstborn  ( U.K Editor’s note: My first born will be named after the one, the only Xabi Alonso and not some hairy dwarf in a skirt…) and his office is so chock-full of Zelda paraphernalia that even the most ambitious Goron merchant would feel jealous. Between the dozen different ocarinas, his Gerudo Valley themed attire, and his creepy life-sized Zelda doll…I’d say he’s about as die-hard as they come.

So what could make his collection even better? Well…why not this amazing Majoras Mask bling? This amazing piece of craftsmanship is enough to make even the most fervent Nintendo-hater place a shameful order.

If you want to purchase this just click the link here, and don’t forget to buy me one while you’re there.

Oh, did I forget to mention that she also makes a Skyrim pendant?  Click here for full details.