Kingdom Hearts 3 “Trailer”



So two huge Kingdom Hearts bombs dropped on us over the past few days. The first is that Kingdom Hearts 2.5 will be coming out for the PS3 sometime in 2014; and it will feature Kingdom Hearts 2, Birth By Sleep, and re:Coded. As great as that news is, it means it could make Kingdom Hearts 3‘s release date pushed back farther (even though we were told KH3 would be released first, but I never really believed that). The other, much more interesting bomb is the game play trailer that was released over the weekend at the D23 Expo in Japan.

For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer here. No really watch it, I’ll wait.

Wasn’t that awesome! The fire attack was epic! And what about the Disney World based attacks? Those are new. But besides that there were a couple hints in the trailer that haven’t really been though of yet.

Donald Goofy soraThe first is slightly obvious and expected, Donald and Goofy are your companions. Most of you will now be thinking “Well no duh, they have been your partners in almost every game.” While that’s true, many people had the idea that Riku or/and Kairi might be your companions throughout the game. I mean now it feels like a pipe dream, but there was a chance after Riku was given the Mark of Mastery and Kairi is getting training from Yen Sid. There is still a chance that the trio might be fighting side-by-side, but it seems less likely after seeing those crazy awesome combo moves.

The other “hint” is from the Rock Titan. For sure it says that we will be seeing Hercules and the Colosseum once more (which hints that we will probably see most of the worlds that were featured in 1 and 2). But my thought is, “where are they fighting.” The surrounding area in the Titan video seemed so familiar the first time I watched the video. After the first dozen times I think I may have recognized it as possibly 2 different places. The first is the Underworld Colosseum that Sora unlocks in KH2. This is obviously the more likely place to fight it, but what it really says is that the level will take place in the Underworld again. But my other thought is a little less likely, but much more interesting. Is that the spot that Sora took on 1000 Heartless in The Battle_of_the_1000_HeartlessRadiant Garden? Could this mean some crossover villains? Master Xehanort can time travel, so why can’t he bring villains across the worlds? I think that would be epic if he were to bring all the main villains to the Garden for an epic brawl of Disney vs Final Fantasy. Cloud vs Hades, Leon vs Jafar, Yuffie vs Ursula. Gotta say this probably won’t happen, but how awesome would that be?

This “trailer” may not have shown us too much, but it keeps the hype up for a game I’ve been waiting for since 2005, and might not come out until 2015. Or 2016.