Why You Should Play KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 was released today and now all KH fans can breath a sigh of relief knowing that we won’t have to play through the redone version again, at least after we beat 1.5. There is no other game series that is so insistent on revisiting the original game quite like Kingdom Hearts. Now don’t get me wrong I straight up love the games, it’s one of my favorite series of all time and KH2 might be my favorite game ever, but with the release of 1.5 it will be the fourth time that in some form Square Enix will have released Kingdom Hearts. There was KH, Final Mix, Re:coded (and just Coded if you wanna get technical), now this. It almost feels like they are just squeezing their fans for as much money as they could (especially considering that each game is on a new console).

We have all been begging for KH3 to come out, and finally it’s on its way, we hope. When it comes out is still a mystery but luckily we have 1.5 to hold us off a bit. I am ecstatic to play 1.5, just so pumped, but this re-release just isn’t seen as often in other games. They may get redone and revamped, but to the extent that they create a new game for fans to buy where we literally just replay the first story from the same point of view just in a parallel world (see Re:coded), or with a few extra cut scenes (see Final Mix). We will keep playing this same game over and over again waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 to finally be given to us, and Square gets that.

This re-release is very important for one reason though, the plot is so f%#*ing confusing that we all have to replay the games before the release the new one, or we just won’t understand. If you skipped even one of the seven games that came out, you’ll be lost before you play KH3.They only put in 3 of the games from the KH series so the games they chose to use must provide (I think) a huge clue as to what will be one of the most key plots will be in KH3, and I think that will be Xion. They chose to put 358/2 days into 1.5, a game that focuses 100% on Roxas (Spoiler: Sora’s nobody) and his relationships between Xion and Axel, two nobodies in organization XIII. (If you didn’t know any of this, you are not ready for KH3.) We found out in Coded (Spoiler) that Sora has to “save” Ven, Aqua, and Terra, but also that Xion, Roxas and Axel will play a big part in all of it.

To everyone waiting for KH3; play 1.5, enjoy 1.5, love 1.5, and remember everything in 1.5. It will all come in handy later.