In anticipation of my inevitable return to Hyrule on Christmas morning, I’ve embarked on a bit of a retro gaming binge.  After playing untold rounds of StarCraft and Halo, I’ve been wondering…What exactly is a Space Marine?

I know that they’re badasses with guns and tough, gruff personas…but what are they really? Well, our friends over at BadHaven have written this look back at the most definitive version of our favorite space-faring soldiers…those from Warhammer 40k. Check it out below!

By Ben Kaplar
Recently there has been a lot of girly stuff on the I Smell Sheep blog. Posts about the sexiest bits of beefcake and mancandy in the Marvel universe and nonsense such as that. (By the by, Katie owes me a quarter every time she uses mancandy, beefcake, or a similar term. She’s up to about twenty dollars by now.)

So I have decided that we need to bring something MANLY to the Sheep site! “But Kalpar!” my one reader is probably exclaiming “You have already reviewed the manliest comic ever: Tales From the Bully Pulpit. In which the manliest president of all time, Theodore Roosevelt, engages in the manliest pastime of all time, punching Nazis, on the most manly of planets of all time, Mars, even though it ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids because it is in fact cold as hell.” Well,dear reader, it is true that there is very little quite as manly as Tales From the Bully Pulpit, I shall nonetheless attempt with a helpful lecture on the Space Marines of Warhammer 40k and their origins. BECAUSE SPACE MARINES ARE AWESOME! AND MANLY!

To see the entire article in all of its witty splendour, make sure that you visit our friends at BadHaven!!!