Iron Man 3 Video Game Confirmed

With filming on upcoming post-Avengers threequel Iron Man 3  in full swing, other news is emerging about the threequel. We’ve had set photos, a new possibly official banner (see above), and now, we have a confirmation that a tie-in Iron Man 3 video game is being worked on by Marvel and Disney, for release in late April/early May 2013, close to the release of Iron Man 3.

The tie-in games business has been plummeting for quite a while now, with less and less rushed and over-expensive obligatory tie-in games (yes, I’m looking right at you, Harry Potter game tie-ins) being released. We have a tie-in game heading our way later this month, in the form of The Amazing Spider-Man, but that looks like it might break the crappy tie-in mould, finally.

The previous tie-ins for Iron Man and Iron Man 2, developed by SEGA, were extremely negatively reviewed, but now the Iron Man 3 game is in Disney’s hands (and all of the other inevitable tie-ins), there’s a chance that the Iron Man 3 game could surprise us all and actually be quite good.

I still don’t think I’ll buy it, though.