Game Informer GTA V

GTA V Three Protagonists Revealed!

Today Game Informer revealed the cover for their upcoming GTA V issue. The cover features all three protagonists of the game, who we have seen previously in screenshots and the initial trailer.

The writer of the expansive 18 page info blow out of the next GI issue, Matt Bertz, has confirmed that they are indeed the three, presumably playable, protagonists for the much anticipated GTA V.

Game Informer have also set up a GTA V Hub here, where fanboys can pour over more artwork of one of the characters, with plenty more space to be filled in once the issue hits the shelves.

We’ll bring you all of the news that breaks in the Game Informer article later today. If all this has wet your appetite, stay tuned for November 14th when the new trailer is set to be released!


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