Gotham and More in Beautiful BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Screenshots

There’s a lot of reasons to be excited for Rocksteady’s recently revealed upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight – the return of the Scarecrow, the chance to drive all over Gotham crashing into things in the Batmobile, Rocksteady’s return to the franchise, their crack at a proper open-world Gotham, the continuation of the story that we last saw in 2011’s Arkham City – there’s a lot to be excited for, and plenty of reasons why switching over to next-gen before October may just be quite a good idea.

High on the list of anticipated things, however, is the graphical quality that the next-gen exclusive tag allows the game. We’ve been told that the amount of polygons on a character’s face is roughly equivalent to the entire Batman: Arkham Asylum map, and the screenshots we’ve seen so far have been eye-poppingly good looking. But with the arrival of eight new screenshots, the next-gen power of Arkham Knight is in full view.

Or to cut a lot of that down, the game looks really very pretty indeed, and you can see the eight new screenshots that all the cool kids are talking about below:









Batman: Arkham Knight is released on October 14th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.