Finally SEGA Release a SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Endless Runner

Every Sonic fan worldwide has had the same thought since Canabalt burst onto the scene, namely “Boy would a Sonic endless runner kick ass!” well finally Sega have got their act to gether and released a Sonic themed endless runner, Sonic Dash, for mobile devices today (Thursday 7th March).

Okay, if I’m completely honest I’m a little dissapointed that it is a 3rd person runner ala Temple Run rather than classic 2D in the vein of Rayman Run (which is almost the perfect Sonic game that doesn’t feature Sonic) but hey it’s Sonic on your iDevice. The game features other fan favourite characters Tails and Knuckles…. and less favourable Amy, who can all be purchased with in game earned red coins.

We’ve only had a few quick plays here at UTF headquarters but it seems like a charming Sonic themed version of Temple Run, our only concerns are that it doesn’t differentiate itself from the competition enough, and feels a little bit slower than you’d expect from Sonic (although I imagine the speed increases the further you run so this shouldn’t be a problem), but hey I’d rather play as the little blue blur than a generic guy any day of the week, and I can see this entertaining on the morning commute. Check out gameplay in the video below, and stay tuned to Unleash The Fanboy for our thoughts on the game soon.

Sonic Dash is out now for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for $1.99.