Far Cry 3 Trailer Finally Drops!

Far Cry is another one of those rare games that holds a special place in my heart. Like my obsession with Star Wars Battlefront 3, I would spend an insane amount of hours kicking ass as Jack Carver in the Far Cry universe. And who could forget their amazing map editor!  My friends and I would waste so much of our time making new maps in the maker, which I still consider the best one ever made… even better than the much loved Halo Forge.

Even though I love the original PC and Xbox releases, I was really disappointed with the series’s second installment. It just wasn’t… fun.  I don’t know what deserves the majority of the blame, whether it was the sparse African setting, Well, CryTek is trying to reclaim their throne with Far Cry 3, and they’ve just released this awesome new trailer. Check it out below:

Now, I don’t think this looks like anything too special, but who knows!?!? It could turn out to be the best one yet. What do you guys think?