Everyone In SKYRIM Likes F***ing and Sucking… Apparently

Last Fall I over indulged in a little known game called SKYRIM. It’s kinda like Legend of Zelda, but with less kiddy s*** and more mid day dragging of naked corpses.

On rare occasions, after hours and hours of travelling that frozen, dragon soaked wilderness,  I would notice feint profanity laced whispers emanating from the local late night pub. At first, I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me. After all, 32 hour binges of dungeon crawling can unwind even the most keen gamer, but it began to occur more regularly…

Between all the exclamatory ‘F***’s and inquisitive ‘Dick Suck?’s, I realized that the inhabitants of Skyrim are some pretty perverted mother f***ers. Check out the bleep filled evidence below.

Obviously I was joking about my own in game experience, but the videos still pretty aweseome, right?  Right you guys?


Just love me!  Seriously!