E3 2012: Gears Of War: Judgement

New footage for Gears Of War: Judgement is coming out of E3.

The trailer shown reveals Baird and Cole, as well as the Locust, which is already shown from the posters. So we still don’t know much about the game. Its already speculated that the title is a prequel, but not much else has been shown. Still, there isn’t anything for Gears fans to complain about either, as its looking set to provide more Locust-killing action.


More game play footage is likely to be shown in the upcoming days. From what’s been told the core Gears game play is still here, but there’s room for more action, since the team behind Bulletstorm are also involved this time around. There’s a new multiplayer format that builds on hordes and beast modes. So, who’s excited to fight some more Locust?

Source: Game Trailers