DISNEY Laid The Axe on Kick-Ass BOBA FETT Game

Last week we heard some horrific news regarding LucasArts… the company was gutted, its workers thrown to the streets, and its games purged from existence!

In less hyperbolic terms, Disney dissolved the ancient studio, renowned for its lightsaber slinging games and hated for its inability to produce sequels (KOTOR 3 and Battlefront 3 are the more unfortunate victims of this crime). And that means every project in development has been cancelled, leaving the next gen bounty hunting game Star Wars 1313 and the COD clone First Assault bleeding in the gutters somewhere on the bottom levels of Coruscant.

While that’s all certainly sad and depressing in itself, do you want to know what makes it all THAT much worse? Apparently, Star Wars 1313 was meant to star the world’s greatest Bounty Hunter, the origin of a story archetype, the foundation of thousands of Sci-Fi imitators… the one, the only BOBA FETT!


There, there, it’s alright. Let those tears of fury and frustration fall down you cheeks. There’s no shame in it. Even I, your venerable bearded fanboy let loose a few manly drops of the waterworks.

Is there any way to save this nascent franchise from the trash heap? Well, not unless a big name studio wants to shell out a few million dollars to secure the rights, and that doesn’t seem very likely.┬áBut it’s not all bad news. Disney’s new tactic is to license out their Star Wars properties to third party developers, which means more studios will have the opportunity to create Jedi fueled romps, and hopefully we won’t have to wait idly for years at a time.

SOURCE: Kotaku

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