DC UNIVERSE to its fans: Say Bye Bye to your ARMOR!

Looks like DC Universe Online’s new Amazon Fury Part 2 was plagued with glitches and now players will suffer the consequences. Sony Online Entertainment was purchased by Columbus Nova and changed to Daybreak Games and customers will have to forfeit all the armor they received from the recently removed Throne Of The Dead Raid . There will be no reimbursement.

Fans were able to change their character’s power to Quantum for $9.99 and use it to tunnel through a wall allowing them to defeat the boss without having to fight all the ads in, as some players refereed to this as, a “Tactical Advantage

But Daybreak Games was quick to label this a glitch and are now quick to punish those who used it. Since the controversial buyout of SOE customers have reported that they’ve removed all technical support Via Live Chat and phone support. What does that mean? We, as consumers, have been experiencing delays, up to two week.

This is defiantly not good for the players as many of them have spent a lot of money on Marketplace points in respect to their characters. They grabbed up replay badges to have a do-over for the raid and also purchase total recovery kits in order to remove their mods from their gear that they have farmed for 900 points for a 10 pack which is the equivalent of $10.


Customers will soon log-in to find that not only that their armor has been removed but also that the mods they so heavily farmed online to get are gone. Officially a bad start for Daybreak and it’s new acquisition. That means that already many customers have lost hope in a company that holds rights to properties such as Everquest, Planetside 2 and H1Z1 to name a few.

I know if I spent tons of money on any game along with a $14.99 subscription service to be told that my armor was going to get removed as well as my hard earned farmed mods I would be pretty upset, that would be like saying that those using the Dying Light glitch to duplicate their weapons will have their game banned and their saves corrupted because of it.

Recent reports of layoffs could be the warning signs on the way toward the downfall of a company. I tried to reach Daybreak and DC Universe Online but we were quick to get auto responses and told that this matter is no longer up for discussion. So what do you think? Do you believe the players should be punished for a flaw in the game? Should the developers make tons of money while we’re tossed aside?

Thoughts? Sound off below fanboys and fangirls!

DC Universe in Peril

  • guitargodh

    I don’t know anything about this particular DLC, but I do know that I haven’t been able to log in since before Feb 13. I don’t know if it’s the Playtation Network or DCUO itself, but it’s getting really frustrating. I’ve been on the phone with my internet provider, Sony 4x’s, Daybreak won’t pick up and their chat is still disabled, even called Columbus Nova and they could only give out a number that wasn’t even working. I’ve submitted a ticket on their site, but that’s taking forever and they keep thinking that the problem is on my side of the internet. It’s not. It’s their game, their servers, they need to manage them. Keep them updated so that the rest of us can use them at will.

  • Timothy Messina

    Do some research first. Basically a few hundred out of thousands of players purposefully exploited a glitch in one boss to their advantage. Only a small percentage of players are getting punished, and those people were cheaters. Also, not ALL of their armor is being removed, just the drops from the boss they exploited. So they will still have the other 2/3rds of drops they farmed for. In short, honest players have nothing to fear.

    Let’s look at it like this; Imagine you robbed a bank and instead of being arrested, the cops simply made you give back the money you stole.

    • bareheiny

      I concur here.
      If you didn’t use the glitch, or were in a group that glitched, there’s nothing to worry about. Word would have spread by now, and anybody who would be affected has had plenty of time to remove their mods.
      Any gear you got from the final boss, in the elite version of the raid, is forfeit. Not as harsh a punishment that I would’ve handed out myself.

    • Jay Pletz

      not to mention they were probably using synthetic mods anyways, which only cost 5 MoF each so who really cares?

      fuck throne in the first place, too much hassle for more than likely a couple pieces of 98 MAYBE a piece of 100-101. wait for the next DLC and get 101-102 out of the alerts.