Cutie Patootie Plays Some Skyrim Music on a Violin

If there’s one thing that you must ABSOLUTELY know about this site, it’s that we have an undying love for Skyrim. Seriously. If I had to chose between rousing my long lost brother from his 6 year coma, and playing an extra 20 minutes of Skyrim before work tomorrow morning, I’ll happily choose the latter. Well, luckily my brother died last week, so I don’t have to chose!

Alright, that was a bit morbid, and I feel kinda bad about saying it… but put your mind at ease. I don’t actually have a brother, so now this whole story is far less awkward.

I don’t even know what we were talking about anymore, just check out this hottie play some Skyrim music on a violin, and I’m going to go for a nice long walk and reconsider all of my life choices that have led me to this moment…