BATGIRL Takes on The Joker in New INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US DLC Trailer!

I know a lot of people feel that Injustice: Gods Among Us has too many Batman characters in the roster. Well, those people probably won’t like this news at all. Batgirl has been confirmed to be the second DLC character (the first was Lobo, in case you forgot). Along with the confirmation comes a new trailer, featuring Barbara fighting The Joker. But it is personal.


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One thing that I like about this trailer is, the first part features comic panels from The Killing Joke, and during the fight, Joker is wearing an alternate DLC skin designed to resemble the costume he wore in that arc. And Batgirl hasn’t forgotten about the pain Joker put her through.

I’m not sure who is voicing Batgirl, but she sounds familiar. DC hasn’t released a date for her yet, but probably soon. And for those of you who are upset by the fact that another Bat-character has invaded the game, don’t worry; there are at least two more DLC characters on the way! Who knows? Maybe one of them will be Martian Manhunter!

Meanwhile, while I don’t have any solid sources, the game appears to be selling well, and made the top 10 PS3 downloads last week. In terms of critical reviews, the Xbox 360 version has an 82 on Metacritic, and the PlayStation 3 version has a 78. The Wii U version hasn’t been scored yet.

Source: IGN

UPDATE: Batgirl is being voiced by Kimberly Brooks, who also voiced her in the Arkham games.