The Adventures Of A Male Stripper In JUST CAUSE 2’S Multiplayer Mod

ms2Just Cause 2’s  multiplayer has always been awesome, but this is even more awesome. I’m not just talking about the fact that you can fly around as a male stripper in the world of Panau, but about the way that a user named Jman100 has made a unique server, called Jman100’s Freeroam Construction Sandbox. What’s different about this server is that you can spawn most objects in the game- cars, planes, human beings, so it’s pretty cool. For instance, people have made ramps out of different roads piled against each other in some weird form.

This is some Sonic The Hedgehog shit right here

This is some Sonic The Hedgehog shit right here

Oh yeah, there’s a lot of different characters to play as, the NPC’s and all, so after looking through a couple of them I obviously selected the ‘male stripper’ from the ‘misc’ list. Do you blame me? anyway, this guy is hilarious, the guns have a little gap of air between him and his body when he has no weapons equipped and his grappling hook shoots out of nowhere. The same goes for his parachute, it emerges from the deep depths of his shoulders.


As for the rest of the mod, the usual crazy stuff happened, mainly at the airport, where there were too many manually spawned planes colliding and exploding every twenty meters you move. The usual. But soon enough it was time to go all Walter White on it and cause some chaos.
ms5That worked out as well as you might have expected.
I took a break from the vehicles for a while and started going on the Sonic loop thing again, some guy ran me over straight away when I walked over to it.


This game is brilliant. I love that the hook doesn’t work properly on some parts of the ramp so your dude just gets morphed into the wall and he becomes one with it.

blending in

blending in 

I took a screenshot of this guy because his body kept moving out of proportion. His arm was fucked, basically.

if you look closely you'll see it

if you look closely you’ll see it

Click on that image to see his broken body in full. I tried doing the loop but I was in a crappy car, I made it to about halfway and then I just.. fell.


I scaled a skyscraper in the middle of the city to take a hopefully awesome shot for this article, but then J.J. Abrams took hold of the camera…


He ruined my shot! I was driving like a boss but then I went too fast. I became one with the wall again.


I found out that there’s a boost button. I’ts LB on the Xbox controller  and you can keep button mashing until you can’t control your vehicle anymore. This results in your vehicle being launched into the air though, as shown with this fire engine.


Whatever this guy is driving, I don’t think he should have that much power…


I was right.


Anyway, this has been a collection of random and (hopefully) funny stuff that happened to me when I was playing the mod. Here’s one more picture to haunt you.

what horrors have these eyes seen?

what horrors have these eyes seen?


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