5 Ways To Improve On The BATMAN: ARKHAM Series

UTF just seems to be flooded with Batman articles these past few days, nonetheless here’s another one. So as you know Batman: Arkham Origins is not so far away, and the more Arkham games that keep getting made the closer we get to a proper, 100% Batman video gaming experience. Obviously we’re not there yet, so here’s a couple of ideas that could be used in the future games.

1) Make The Game Longer Than One Night

Just so everyone knows, I love the Arkham series. But there are a couple of things holding it back. One of the big reasons is that they’re always taking place over one night. It worked with the first two games, but Origins is starting to break away from the overall set style of the series. So hopefully for the next game it’ll take place over a longer amount of time, this gives the developers and writers more time to create the events that happen in-game and potentially make them better if they’re spread out more. This fits in with the rest of my points too.

 2) Bruce Wayne As A Playable Character

This would be really fun, going to press conferences and stuff with your $3,000 suit. You could even go to Wayne Enterprises with Lucius Fox and check out new gear and gadgets. Heck, Bruce Wayne could even be in a mission. Imagine somebody found out his identity and stormed Wayne Manor, or the developers could go all Night of the Owls and run that storyline. How awesome would that be!

  3) No More Christmas Bullshit 

Hey I love Christmas, it’s the perfect opportunity for us Fanboys to get hands on the latest games, toys and gadgets, but that’s not what Batman needs. Gotham City is pretty much corrupt, as a comic book city that’s sorta a rule. It also has a pretty big population. Big Population + Corruption = lots of crime (i’m terrible at math but I think that’s accurate). It would be so awesome to play in a full lively Gotham and stop crime all over the city, not to mention saving civilians. But this isn’t happening yet. Oh no my friend, we’re stuck at Christmas Eve, where nobody at all will be around in need of saving.

What really bugs me about this though is that the story in no way, needs to be set at Christmas. Maybe they didn’t have enough time to factor in a full Gotham experience, but for the next game this is gonna have to be fixed.

4) Introducing The Batcave

The Batcave could be a brilliant factor in the next installation of the series. There’s so much it could be used for – having a little training area to test your gadgets, accessing intel on your enemies or it could be where you leave to go to a mission. It would sooooo cool to drive the Batmobile to your missions. 

5) A Longer Story

People have disagreed with me about this in earlier articles, but think about it for a second. Arkham City was roughly 20 hours of gameplay, if the next game is made like a proper Batman gaming experience, then it’ll get to at least 40 hours of ass kicking, Batarang throwing, Batmobile driving action. I think that would sell majorly to everyone, besides us Fanboys.

Agree? Disagree? Have anything to add? Let me know below!


Michael Moore is Unleash The Fanboy’s main video game guy. You can find him on Steam and on Tumblr.

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