Okami Gets a HD remake!

Rumours started swirling yesterday about a HD reissue of critically acclaimed and much beloved game Okami by Clover Studios. Capcom have since announced that they are indeed working on a HD remaster with full 1080p support for the Playstation 3, to be released this autumn (November was what the leak said). It will have Move support, but the remaster’s name ‘Magnificent Version’ suggests there might be more in store for us than just this.

It also seems that first runs of the game will come with a Digital Play copy of a book based on the Okami licence, though this was reported by Famitsu and whether it will come to the US or Europe hasn’t been confirmed. The Price in Japan is set at ¥3,990 (£30 or $50) but lucky for us in the west as it’s been confirmed as a $19.99 (~£13) download to the PSN. This is great news as not only is Okami a blast to play, it’s also one of the most visually stunning games of the last generation and it was high up on my list of games that needed a HD remaster!

Source: Andriasang