10 Most Likely Costumes in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game

Last week, Spider-Man fans and gamers alike got to view actual gameplay footage of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which showed off the polished visuals, combat system, and overall tone of the game. What really stood out during the video (which you can watch on YouTube), is when Thomas Wilson, the Creative Director of Beenox’s latest Spidey title, said that there are 15 different costumes that can be unlocked through the game, and each having a special ability!

We already know through Gamestop that four of the costumes are Spider-Man Noir, Iron Spider, Symbiote Spider-Man, and Captain Universe. By watching the gameplay video, we learn that the Miles Morales costume is in there as well. So now that 5 are covered, I wonder what the other 10 will be. Here’s what I think:



Let’s admit it, ever since shows like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, and Pokémon hit the United States in the 90s, Japanese animation (or simply anime) has gained a lot of popularity in the last few decades. So much in fact that Marvel Comics made their own manga universe! I expect this costume to be put in since it’s been in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and it serves as a shout out to fellow Spidey fans in the east. Besides, tell me fighting crime in kick-ass sneakers wouldn’t be awesome!



In The Amazing Spider-Man #500, Peter had a mystical experience where he experienced the potential end of his career as Spider-Man. This costume he wears in his final battle is utilitarian, consisting of a reversible jacket, mask and gloves. With its simplistic design, it has an almost pulp magazine style to it, similar to characters such as The Shadow and Green Hornet. A costume like this could serve as an alternate to the Noir costume, giving players another option to be extra stealthy in.



The only good thing that came out of Spider-Man’s Clone Saga was Ben Reily, aka The Scarlet Spider. Wilson does mention that different types of webbing will be used specifically to defeat certain enemies in the game. With that in mind, I can see this costume appearing and having a special bonus like impact webbing. Since Kaine’s Scarlet Spider outfit was in The Amazing Spider-Man back in 2012, I can see it coming back for a second run, but I hope they add this suit instead.



At one point during Spidey’s career, it got too difficult to be seen in his usual webbed out apparel so he created the identities of (starting from left) Dusk, Ricochet, Hornet, and Prodigy. With each identity, Spidey acted a bit different and fought different (and familiar) bad guys. Eventually the dust blew over and he went back to his original costume. But those other suits were so popular, Marvel brought them back in the comic book Slingers, which featured new characters wearing them. Their popularity allowed to come back in Spider-Man: Edge of Time, so why not here?



To compensate for temporarily losing his spider-sense, Peter created a new armored suit which he had been working on at Horizon Labs. The suit was designed to be bulletproof up to an unknown degree, but didn’t impede his agility like his original armor did years ago. Eventually he gained his spider-sense back and learned some kung-fu, so the suit was put into storage. A suit like this would most likely reduce the damage of gun fire, which would come in handy when taking down large gangs with guns.

#5 SPIDER-MAN 2099


One of Spider-Man’s most popular suits, Spider-Man 2099 stands on its own just by its kick-ass costume! Serving as the basis for Spider-Man Unlimited and possibly Batman Beyond (since they’re both continuations of a popular hero in a futuristic timeline), Spidey 2099 (aka Miguel O’Hara) was popular enough to not only appear in Dimensions, but got his title alongside the original Web-Head in Edge of Time. O’Hara is already trapped in the present with Spider-Man in the comics (spoilers), so I honestly don’t see any reason why his costume would left out.


comics venom marvel comics flash thompson 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wallmay.com_88

For those of you that haven’t been reading Marvel lately, you probably don’t know that Flash Thompson, aka Peter Parker’s high school bully and Spider-Man’s biggest fan, is VENOM…sort of. To sum it up, the US government found a way to keep the symbiote under control and decided to give it to Flash to be a special ops agent. With it, Flash has all the powers of Venom but without the craziness and tongue lashing (at least not always). This costume is basically the Punisher meets Spider-Man, so that alone makes it a worthy costume option.



To me, this costume is the Flash Gordon of Spidey suits: it’s so terrible that it’s good! I can’t think of a legitimate reason why this costume would be in the game, other than for pure comic relief. I’d love to swing around Manhattan in this costume just to see if the wind blows off the paper bag.



Since the teaser trailer for this game showed a non-Jamie Foxx looking Electro, I can guess players will get a costume that will help you survive the battle. Wilson already stated that there will be something given to players for electric attacks. Unless Beenox is giving players the chance to web Spidey’s hands and fight Electro the old fashioned-way, my money’s on getting a rubber suit. Hopefully this rubber costume won’t have nipples (Batman Forever joke).


superior spider-man suit

Leave it up to villains to make the coolest stuff. While in Spider-Man’s body, Otto Octavius (aka Doctor Octopus) upgraded Spidey’s usual costume into what is probably my most recent favorite among the bunch. We all know that Peter is coming back, but let’s acknowledge that this suit is pretty nice. Besides, Otto’s been a good guy (sort of) for over a year now. I think his costume deserves a test run in a video game, don’t you?

What costumes do you think will appear in the game? Drop a comment below!