007 Legends May Explain Why James Bond Never Ages

Last Wednesday, a new video game featuring all six James Bonds: 007 Legends was announced, and the dreams of Bond fans across the world came true (Well, they haven’t come true yet. We have to wait a bit for that). And it looks like Legends will finally provide the answer to one of the oldest questions in movie history: why the hell doesn’t James Bond age? Ever since his debut in Dr. No, he’s been in a perpetual state of aging. I like to believe that James Bond is a Time Lord, who regenerates from time to time, which also explains his radically different appearances and slight personality changes, but Legends seems set to answer that question in a slightly more realistic way: a way that Bond fans have believed for ages now.

The old fan theory is that the six James Bonds are actually different people, and that ‘James Bond’ is a codename given to a spy by MI6, along with the 007 status; which explains why he’s not a day older now than he was fifty years ago. And if this is true, and if Legends is canon, then this could be a game-changer, and when Bond 24 rolls around, it could be very different indeed.

In other Bond news, two sparkling new Skyfall covers have been unveiled for British movie magazine Empire. Check them out below:

007 Legends is released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 this autumn.