ANIME TUESDAY: Beyond the Boundary – “Calming Gold” Review

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Previously on Beyond the Boundary:

Sakura transferred to Akihito & friends school in order to settle her score with Mirai. After a heated battle Mirai defeats Sakura and the two reconcile, but they have little to be happy about as Izumi warns that the Calm is approaching. Spoilers Ahead!

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The Calm has made it’s way into the city and everyone is starting to feel the effects of it. While trying to discern just what it means for the people and the youmu, Mitsuki encounters Miroku and the two take a ride out of town. Miroku tells Mitsuki of why he was sent to investigate the Nase family and their role in Mirai’s life before being chased away by Hiromi. Elsewhere Akihito falls ill and is being looked after by Ayaka & Ai until Miroku comes to collect. Ayaka chases him off with the help of Izumi but they soon begin to find out that the real threat is coming from inside the house.

The second arc of Beyond the Boundary is gaining steam as the pieces start falling into place for the next big bad.

Who may or may not be this guy

Who may or may not be this guy

The calm has made its way into the city and the effects of it are starting make themselves known to both warriors and youmu alike. During the Calm youmu are extremely weakened, making this prime harvesting time for all the Spirit Warriors in the city as previously unapproachable youmu are now fair game.

Miroku begins to set his plans into motion when he encounters Mitsuki leaving Ayaka’s shop. The two take adrive out of town and Miroku begins to tell Mitsuki his plans, for some reason. He tells her the Calm is due to youmu that is Beyond the Boundary (points for title drop). He explains that he was sent to invesitgate the Nase family’s involvlement with said youmu and also reveals that it was Izumi who saved Mirai when she was marked for death by the Inami Clan after Yui’s death. However before he can say anymore he is intercepted by Hiromi. Hiromi & Mitsuki talk about why their family is being targeted by the society but it’s cut short when Mirai texts them explaining what happened to Akihito.

Ayaka in her Youmu form Vs. Miroku

Ayaka in her Youmu form Vs. Miroku

Obviously the most vulnerable person during this time frame, Akihito has unknown side-effects to the Calm because he’s half-youmu. No one really knows what exactly will happen to him, not even his mom; who warns him and his friends, via another embarrasing holo card, about the Calm and to stay away from it. The most obvious side effect and best case scenario is the narcolepsy he suffers during the day, but Ayaka comments on possibly the worst case scenario, the momentary loss of his immortality. While on a train back home he finds himself falling asleep again and begins having hallucinations of when he was younger and first found out about his immortality; he also flashes to when he attacked Hiromi. He manages to wake up, but soon falls back asleep and falls ill after an encounter with Izumi.

BTB 8.4

Talk about someone with a few cards to be revealed, izumi is definitely someone to watch in this episode. At the beginning she uses some technique she apprently “hasn’t used on a human in a while” on one of her servants and puts her into some kind of trance. She also talks to the mysterious man she gave the Hollow Shadow to in episode 4 and tells him she will fulfill some kind of duty. She joins Shizuku and other warriors as they fight youmu in a field (which is spectacularly animated and shows how badass Izumi is) before heading to Ayaka’s shop to help her fight Miroku.

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The fight between the three is pretty one sided when Izumi joins but Ayaka manages to hold her own before then and shows that she is still pretty powerful despite the effects of the Calm. Her youmu form is also pretty intimidating. They manage to drive Miroku away, but that is the least of their troubles as Akihito’s youmu side begins to awaken.

BTB 8.7

“Calming Gold” is anything but as this episode turns up the tension to 11 and amps up the action a bit more as well. Miroku makes the Society’s plans known while Izumi continues to sneak around and put pieces into place. The animation remains stellar and the mystery of just what is Beyond the Boundary continues to build.