ANIME MONDAY: Persona 4 The Animation – “We’ll Meet At The Amagiya Inn” Review

Previously on Persona 4:

The School Festival got underway and the Investigation Team once again were caught up in a huge number of hijinks and awkward moments. Spoilers Ahead.

After finishing the clean up for the School Festival Yu (Johnny Yong Bosch), along with Nanako (Karen Strassman) & the gang decide to spend the night at Yukiko’s (Amanda Winn-Lee) family Inn. As usual lots of hijinks and misunderstandings occur while at the Inn. SUch as the boys being thrown out of the hot air bath by the girls (even though it was the guys time), Nanako calling Yu a manwhore, the boys staying in Mayumi Yamano’s (the 1st victim) room, and other mentally scarring adventures.

This episode is the last minor one before the plot starts back up, and as a result not much happens in it. Another entertaining romp, but doesn’t really accomplish much in the grand scheme of things. Although that shouldn’t really keep you from enjoying this episode.

The girls may have enjoyed it a bit TOO much

From the onset of them entering the Amagiya in the two groups experiences are radically different. While the girls is a generally a pleasant one (with the exception of Naoto, who is borderline molested by the other girls), the boys night is filled with fear, wrongful accusations and paranoia. Kanji (Matthew Mercer) deduces that the room that they are all put in belonged to Mayumi Yamano, the 1st victim of the serial murders and are rightfully afraid to stay in it. They hatch a plan to sneak in to the girls room and sleep with them but that plan goes horribly awry when the room they sneak in belongs to Ms. Kashiwagi (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) & Ohtani (Jessica Strauss).

Ohtani (Left) & Kashiwagi (Right)

We also get a plot point in the hot spring in the form of Nanako telling Naoto (Mary Elzabeth McGlynn) that she never opens the door for strangers (remember that for later). Yukiko also gets some more development this episode when and unsavory camera crew come to the inn to exploit it for cheap ratings. Yukiko actually turns into quite a boss when she kicks the bums out and tells them they aren’t welcome to the inn ever (hand clap for you girl). She also tells Yu (because of course Yu) that she is working to get her license to run the inn, reasoning that she never really wanted to leave the inn; she just felt like it wasn’t her choice to stay or go.

“We’ll Meet At The Amagiya Inn” is a nice episode that wraps up all the fillers well enough and provided a nice breather as the story starts down the road to it’s conclusion. Got some character development, some humor, as well as a plot point introduction so it wasn’t a total waste. The investigation continues next week on Persona 4.