Anime Monday: Persona 4 The Animation – “Suspicious Tropical Paradise” Review

Previously on Persona 4:

The next victim in the kidnapping case is revealed, and now the Investigation Team enters the T.V. world to save him. Spoilers Ahead

Hug it out guys

When Kanji Tatsumi’s (Troy Baker) shadow appears on the Midnight Channel, Yu (Johnny Yong Bosch) & his friends rendezvous with Teddie (Sam Riegel) inside the T.V. World & begin the mission to rescue Kanji. Teddie leads the group to a bath house and this get a bit…awkward as the kids head in. After finding Kanji and his shadow, the battle begins as the Investigation team tries to save Kanji.

Kanji’s shadow

As expected this episode give more back story on Kanji. His shadow is…shall we say “eccentric” and this leads to a few humorous bits in the episode as Yu & the gang get increasingly uncomfortable throughout the episode. Kanji himself isn’t as bad as everyone in town makes him out to be. Such as the biker incident that brought him to the groups attention in 1st place; he took out an entire biker gang on his own because his mother couldn’t sleep at night with all the noise (HA momma’s boy). We also get a glimpse into his sexuality (adult concept I know) as his shadow accuses him of being gay.

There is a small sub plot introduced in this episode. It deals with Teddie and what exactly the little blue bear is. It is not important to the plot right now, but it is something that will continued to be explored as the show moves forward.We also once again encounter the mysterious young boy that Kanji was with the previous episode when Yu & the gang question him so they could get info on Kanji.

A couple recurring themes are introduced in this episode is the “dungeons” (the term used in the game) of the people thrown into the T.V.. Each of them is different as they explore the aspects of that persons personality and secrets. Yukiko’s (Amanda Winn-Lee) was a castle because of her desire to be whisked away by a prince and Kanji’s is a steamy bath house because of his conflicting sexuality. These are interesting aspects to the show as they add another layer to the character they belong to. Another one is the aspect of “Persona Fusion”, as demonstrated by Yu combining two of his Personas into one with the help of the enigmatic Igor (Dan Woren). He also gains the Priestess Arcana due to his interactions with Yukiko.

This episode once again ventures into the mind of another victim of the T.V. world. There is certainly more action in this episode, and a few humorous moments thrown in as well. There are still dramatic elements that keep the show grounded as the case continues next week.