ANIME MONDAY: Persona 4 The Animation – “It’s just like Heaven” Review

Previously on Persona 4:

Yu received a threatening letter from the murderer telling him to stop saving people. Suspicious, Dojima takes you to the police station to interrogate him. Suddenly the interrogation is halted when Yosuke and the others arrive and tell them Nanako has been kidnapped. Spoilers Ahead!

Yu (Johnny Yong Bosch) and the team enter the TV in order to save Nanako (Karen Strassman) from Namatame (Matthew Mercer). As the group enters Nanako’s dungeon, they begin to learn Namatame’s motives for kidnapping his victims. As the battle with Namatame begins, the team soon find themselves at a huge disadvantage.

Things are certainly getting more an more tense as Persona 4’s conclusion gets closer and closer into view. There is an eerie air over every scene in this episode and the tension rarely lets up.

Through talks with the hysterical man, the group learns that Namatame believed that he was actually saving people by throwing them into the television, and that Nanako would be the next person he “saved”. His own shattered mind even causes shadows to gather around him and he turns into a god like creature that the kids have to defeat.

Shadow Namatame

Naoto (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) gets some slight development after the battle as she and Yu have a conversation at school. She comments on how she’s happy that Yu said he needs her and that he made her feel like she belonged somewhere (Aw young love). She also does some pretty nice sleuthing when she analyzes Namatame’s motives, but even with all the evidence that Adachi (Johnny Yong Bosch) provides them with that prove Namatame is the killer, something is still off.

Although things seem to cool down a bit after the fight with Namatame, another mystery begins to surface as Inaba continues to be covered in fog. Once more the glasses that the kids use in the TV World have the same effect in the real world now; allowing them to see clearly through the fog.

While boasting some feel good moments here and there “It’s just like Heaven” still has a creepy feel that proves that the case is still not over. The music also helps set that mood and send a slight chill up your spine. The case continues next week as the group waits for Nanako to recover.