Anime Monday: Persona 4 The Animation – “I’ll beat you and beat you good” Review

Previously on Persona 4:

Yu & his friends successfully saved Yukiko from the T.V. world and take a well deserved break from case work. However the kidnappings start picking up again as the next victim of the Midnight Channel is revealed. Spoilers Ahead.

This episode is essentially spilt into two parts. In the 1st half of the episode Yu (Johnny Yong Bosch) brings along his little cousin Nanako (Karen Strassmen) to hang with Yosuke (Yuri Lowenthal), Chie (Erin Fitzgerald), & the recently recovered Yukiko (Amanda Winn-Lee) at Junes during Golden week. The second half of the story deals with the investigation team tailing the next victim on the Midnight Channel, a local delinquent named Kanji Tatsumi (Troy Baker).

Yu (Left) & Kanji (Right)

Not too much happens in the 1st half of the episode. We get some development on the part of Nanako and her father when it is revealed that her mother was killed in a hit & run accident about year or so before the series began. This explains her independent nature and why she does most things around the house, since her father is always working and shes mostly home alone. Her relationship with Yu deepens some with her starting to call him “Big Bro”.

The second half is where the show gets back on track. Kanji is initially depicted as a tough kid with a foul mouth, and a bad attitude (as shown in a news report of him beating up a whole biker gang). The group decides to tail him to see if they can catch the kidnapper before they nab Kanji, who is seen with a mysterious boy throughout the episode. Yu & Yukiko have a few scenes together when the group splits up and her character is explored a bit more as she states she likes hanging out with Yu & Yosuke.

While nothing too exciting happens, this episode has more developments for both the characters and the case. There are few humorous moments (such as Chie calling Kanji gay and him chasing the four around town) as well as some slightly dramatic ones to keep the story flowing right. As the case rolls on can Yu & friends stop Kanji from entering the T.V.?