ANIME MONDAY: Magi: Labyrinth of Magic – “The Name of the Culprit is Sinbad” Review

Previously on Magi:

Even though Al Sarmen’s plot in Balbadd had been stopped, Alibaba & company were forced to leave the contry when Kou Empire ships arrived. Arriving in Sinbad’s country of Sindria, the group agrees to help in his plan to stop Al Sarmen, with Alibaba & Aladdin being trained in swordplay and magic respectively. Spoilers Ahead!

Alibaba & his friends are adjusting well enough to life in Sindria. Alibaba & Aladdin continue their training until everyone is called to the docks for the arrival of two visitors from the Kou empire. On the boat are Princess Kougyoku Ren and her half brother Prince Hakuryu Ren. Hakuryu has come to study under Sinbad, but Kougyoku has other plansa as she arrives on Sindria in order to get revenge on Sinbad for violating her!

Nothing really happens in this episode and there is no action at all, but it manages to be an entertaining one nonetheless as the group continues their adventures (or in this case misadventures) in Sindria.

We get a peak into Aladdin & Alibaba’s training with their respective masters. Aladdin is continuing to train under Yamaraiha and we get a better look as to how magic is used in Magi. It is all about giving the Rukh around oneself commands to execute. While Yamaraiha can only manipulate water (which she can use to make herself invisible and later in the episode show the past) she says that Aladdin’s position as a Magi allows him to manipulate any element he chooses.

On the other side of the spectrum, Alibaba is continuing his training with Sharrkan. Instead of using a dagger he choses to use a long sword since that’s the form of his Djinn equip, although he isn’t having much success with it. Eventually Sinbad arrives and takes him and Morgiana to a store in order for Alibaba to choose a new weapon for Amon to transfer to, as well as have Morgiana choose a “household vessel” (similar to a metal vessel, it is used by companions of the king’s candiate and share the same magoi). Alibaba is givnen the sword that his father (the former king of Balbadd) gave to Sinbad, and Morgiana chooses the chains she had on when she was a slave.

The main focus of the episode however doesn’t arrive until the Kou representatives arrive on Sindria. Kougyoku is the same as she was before, although infuriated at Sinbad for supposedly taking advantage of her (which turns out to be a set up). These scenes, while hilarious (basically everyone thinks Sinbad did the deed, until he’s proven innocent) they don’t serve too much of a purpose. We do learn about Jafars past as an assassin and Masrur’s past as a gladiator though.

Even with all the hijinks happening, the real focus here is Hakuryu. As soon as he steps off the boat Alibaba gets an uneasy feeling about him, as something tells him not to trust Hakuryu. Hakuryu also calls BS on Sinbad’s claim to keep freindly relations with the Kou empire while also revealing he knows about Al Sarmen’s infiltration in his home. After which the prince makes a rather bold claim to Sinbad.


While nothing really happens till the middle or so “The Name of The Culprit is Sinbad” proves to be a solid episode that introduces new plot points, characters, and mystery that is sure to keep viewers invested. The adventure continues next week as Hakuryu & Kougyoku try to adjust to life in Sindria.