ANIME MONDAY: Magi: Labyrinth of Magic – “Kingdom of Sindria” Review

Previously on Magi:

The Dark Djinn had been defeated, but at a price; Cassim died in the struggle. Initially distraught at the loss of his friend, Alibaba is cheered up by Aladdin who uses the Rukh to briefly reunite him and others with their deceased loved ones. With their hearts healed, the country of Balbadd begins it’s reconstruction. Spoilers Ahead!

Morgiana’s cute nervous face

After the battle the citizens of Balbadd have begun to restore their country to it’s former glory. Things seem to be going well as Alibaba prepares to establish his republic, but things soon go awry when Kou Empire ships are spotted heading towards them. Fearing for his safety Sinbad knocks out Alibaba and transports him and the other to his country of Sindria, once again causing Alibaba to flee his home.

This episode serves as a sort of epilogue to the Balbadd arc and begins a new journey for our three heroes as they arrive in Sindria.

Initially against leaving his home once again, Alibaba soon has no choice after he is knocked out by Sinbad and thrown onto the ship heading to Sindria. Fast forward about a couple months later and things have seemed to settle down among the group, with Morgiana training with Masrur and Alibaba getting used to his new surroundings.

Sinbad does return to Sindria to brief Alibaba on his talks with the Kou Empire, but also informs him and Aladdin on Al Sarmen (the group behind the uprising in Balbadd) and how he and his friends are basically at war with the underground group. He tells the two that in order to combat Al Sarmen, Alibaba will have to improve his sword skills and Aladdin his magic.

This seems like a good time as any to introduce the 8 generals, the 8 strongest warriors in all of the 7 Seas Alliance. In addition to Sinbad, Masrur, & Jafar; there’s the giant Hinahoho, the dragon man Drakon, the bubbly Pisti, and the stern Spartos. The most prominent of the group however are the powerful water mage Yamaraiha and master swordsman Sharrkan, who will be Aladdin & Alibaba’s teachers respectively. These two display their awesome power when they take down a giant sea monster on one of the southern islands.

The 8 Generals (Left to Right): Spartos, Yamaraiha, Sharrkan, Jafar, Hinahoho, Sinbad, Drakon, Masrur, Pisti (Front Right)

The country of Sindria is also a wonder to look at. Although it is housed on a small island, it has plenty of friendly places and huge events. Such as the Mahrajan festival, which is a huge tourist attraction. It is here that Morgiana gets a nice little scene where she decides to stay with Alibaba & Aladdin rather than visiting her homeland, and once again absorbs the fact that she is free to make her own decisions (in fact she gets so happy that she dances at the festival).

“Kingdom of Sindria” is a nice cool down episode that starts to set future events up as well as introduce more characters. The animation is top notch and the tone is more light hearted than previous episodes. The adventure continues next week as Sindria welcomes some unexpected guests.