ANIME MONDAY: Magi: Labyrinth of Magic – “Alibaba’s Answer” Review

Previously on Magi:

Alibaba mounts an assault on the palace in order to talk with Abhmad. He faces obstacles along the way but is helped by a combination of his awakening Djinn equip and Morgiana. Reaching the throne room he is now once again face to face with Abhmad. Spoilers Ahead.

Alibaba makes it to the throne room and thanks to Sabhmad’s intervention he is granted an audience with Abhmad. Alibaba tells Abhmad of his idea to abolish the monarchy and establish a republic, he us obviously met with surprised looks. Just as he is proposing his idea however the Kou princess arrives to check on the details of the treaty between Balbadd & the Kou Empire. Once more Cassim and his followers begin to move towards the palace as Rukh begin to gather around the unconscious bodies of Judar & Aladdin.

Action takes a backseat this episode, but that isn’t a bad thing as the verbal warfare is intense enough on it’s own. Alibaba shows his diplomatic side in this episode as he explains his plans to turn Balbadd into a republic. His idea does show promise but he also knows that it will take some time to heal the wounds caused by Abhmad and the Kou Empire.

Speaking of the Kou Empire, the princess returns and we actually have a name for the firecracker, Kogyoku Ren. She initially comes to check on the treaty details and see her fiance (suffice to say she wasn’t impressed by the stoutly Abhmad) and begins to engage Alibaba about his plans for a republic; as this of course would nullify the agreement as Balbadd would have no king for her to marry. Funny thing about the scenes between these two is that neither of them bring up the fact Kogyoku and her men jumped Alibaba and company the day before to get back Judar and that she was the one that took out Ugo. Either they didn’t recognize each other or they just didn’t care.

Kogyoku Ren

Aladdin is still out of commission but Rukh are starting to gather around his body, eventually a huge eagle made out of the energy flies out of his body so that will hopefully ay off soon. We finally get introduced to Sinbad’s “Seven Sea Alliance” (well more like 4) as he and three new characters arrive at the palace to endorse Alibaba as king. Each of them have distinct looks and their colors compliment well all things considered, so it will be interesting to see how these new characters play out in the coming episodes.

Part of the Seven Seas Alliance

Cassim’s mysterious benefactor as well as the Banker begin to put things into motion as Cassim begins to make moves towards the palace. They are also shown to be able to manipulate Black Rukh like Judar. Who are these two and why are they holding the country’s strings?

“Alibaba’s Answer” has little to no action but makes up for it with a good script and great pace. The throne room scenes are never dull and the various other happenings keep things moving without it being jarring. New characters are introduced and plans begin to move, as the arc reaches it’s conclusion. The adventure continues next week as Cassim begins his assault on the palace.