ANIME MONDAY: Magi: Labyrinth of Magic – “A Prince in Revolt” Review

Previously on Magi:

With Aladdin down for the count, Cassim staging a revolt, and Abhmad planning to turn Balbadd into a slave exporting country, all the pressure is put on Alibaba to deal with the situation. Being trained by Sinbad in the technique of “Djinn equipping”, Alibaba soon heads to the palace once again to confront Abhmad. Spoilers Ahead.

Arriving at the palace to one again confront his half brother, Alibaba makes his way to the palace square. He encounters resistance however as Abhmad sends the Kou princesses’ animal guards to intercept them. While fighting the elephant-man Alibaba is finally able to activate his Djinn equip. Morigiana soon comes to his aid and he presses forward towards the throne room to settle things with Abhmad.

Once again focusing on Alibaba this episode boasts tons of action as well as some dramatic moments to build tension. Even though he isn’t the king of Balbadd, Alibaba is still trusted by it’s people way more than Abhmad is and this shown when he calms down a whole crowd of people with a simple wave of his hand. He also gains a sense of resolve during his fight with the elephant-guard via a vision of Aladdin allowing him to access his Djinn equip, the Sword of Amon. This allows him to take down the elephant-man in on strike as well as the cheetah-guard when he reaches the palaces interior, in which he uses oil to replenish his Magoi when it runs out.

Alibaba’s Djinn Equip: The Sword of Amon

Perhaps even better than Alibaba’s fight was Morgiana’s. She rescues Alibaba from the Monkey-guard and takes him and his regenerating clone things on by herself. Once again Morgiana shows just how bad ass she can be as she uses her head to take down her numerous enemies. She even shows slight development as she tries to use the technique Masrur used back in episode 9 but she isn’t as strong or fast. She later comments that she wishes to Masrur and achieve her potential as a Finallis warrior.

We also briefly catch up on the Kou princess as she monitors Judar’s recovery and awaits her marriage to Abhmad. She laments over the fact the she didn’t become a warrior after capturing a dungeon and asks why Hakuei doesn’t marry Abhmad (the two are half sisters). She won’t meet Abhmad until the wedding but she hopes that he looks attractive like Sinbad. This shows another side of her (even though we have yet to learn her name) and shows she’s not as ruthless as when she was introduced.

Morgiana kicking ass

Lastly for good measure, Sabhmad takes charge when he becomes a man and demands that the guards release Alibaba when they pin him down in the Throne Room. Obviously he was also getting tired of his older brother’s shenanigans.

Sabhmad (Front) taking charge.

“A Prince In Revolt” is another pretty good episode with Alibaba & Morgiana being pretty badass as well as the Kou princess getting some slight development. The animation was crisp and the battles were pretty stunning to look at. The adventure continues next week as Alibaba gets his long awaited confrontation with Abhmad.