ANIME MONDAY: Fairy Tail – “The Strongest Team” Review

Previously on Fairy Tail:

Team found a way out of Oshibana station thanks to Lucy’s new celestial spirit, Virgo. With the wizards now free, Natsu & Happy race off to face Erigor. Spoilers Ahead.

Natsu (Todd Haberkorn) squares off in a fierce battle against Erigor (Jonathan Brooks) with the fate of the guild masters at stake. The two wizards engage in a heated fight, with Natsu eventually coming out on top. The rest of his team meets up with him to celebrate his recent victory, thinking the danger has passed. However things soon go south when Kageyama (Chad Cox), who has recovered from his injuries, takes the discarded Lullaby flute and proceeds to Clover to fulfill Eisenwald’s dark mission.

The conclusion to Lullaby arc, isn’t by any means GRAND but it does serve it’s purpose in the story. The was some drama and tension, Eisenwald served their purpose and we learned more about some members of Fairy Tail. The fight between Natsu & Erigor was short but sweet. Showcasing Natsu’s magic once again and more importantly his potential for future battles.

We get another stellar battle scene in the form of Natsu, Erza (Colleen Clinkenbeard), & Gray (Newton Pittman) taking on the Lullaby flute when it turns itself into a giant monster (Erza even re-quips into a new armor this episode). The three wizards show case each of their unique magics and they are pretty much in sync as the battle wears on. This is nice to see because it adds another layer to the team and it is obvious they have worked together in the past.

The Strongest Team: Gray (left), Erza (Center in her Black Wing Armor), & Natsu (Right)

Makarov (R Bruce Elliott) does some things in this episode and it is easy to tell why everyone in Fairy Tail is so eager to follow their master. We get a small introduction into Zeref, the ancient dark wizard who created Lullaby, and we see that his influence is still  lingering in the current magical world. It will be interesting to see if the character will be mentioned again in the series. Another small sub plot is the description of Gray’s Maker Magic by Happy, as the blue cat states that there is a type of magic out there that can cancel Gray’s.

“The Strongest Team” is an episode that sets out to do one thing and succeeds in that regard. It gives a nice conclusion to the Lullaby arc, with fast paced action, some character drama, and lots of humor. The adventure continues next week as Natsu & his team begin the journey back to the guild.