ANIME MONDAY: Fairy Tail – “The Cursed Island” Review

Previously on Fairy Tail:

Natsu & his team returned to Fairy Tail and Erza was arrested and put on trial by the Magic Council. After Natsu brought her home, Happy steals an S class quest, with he & Natsu convincing Lucy to join them. Spoilers Ahead.

Erza doesn’t like spoilers

Natsu (Todd Haberkron), Happy (Tia Ballard), & Lucy (Cherami Leigh) go on their 1st S class quest as they trek to the cursed island of Galuna. Fearing for their safety, Master Makarov (R. Bruce Elliot) sends Gray (Newton Pittman) after the wayward wizards; however, he is soon roped into joining the three on their mission. As they travel through Galuna to find a way to lift the curse, demons from Gray’s past begin to reveal themselves.

The People of Galuna Island

This episode begins the “Galuna Arc” and it is a pretty nice introduction to it. We are introduced to a few new things this episode. We are introduced to Galuna and the curse that inflicts it’s people; the moon over Galuna is purple, and it’s rays have caused the island’s inhabitants to mutate into demons. No real action takes place in this episode as it is mostly set up for the arc (although the team is chased by a giant rat, so there’s that). We also get briefly shown another side of Mirajane (Monica Rial) when she gets angry at Laxus (Patrick Seitz) for not stopping Happy from stealing the S Class quest, as he continues to be a jackass.

The most important element of the episode however is that near the end the focus shifts towards Gray. Deep within a temple on Galuna the wizards happen upon the frozen body of a monster known as Deliora, who Gray seems to know personally. We get some light into his past as he tells his friends that Deliora used to ravage the country in the north and was eventually stopped by Gray’s master, who sacrificed herself to seal it in the ice. We also get a look at the antagonist’s of this arc, three wizards who work for someone known as the “Cold Emperor”, who is using something called the “Moon Drip” to thaw out Deliora.

“The Cursed Island” as stated earlier is a pretty decent introduction in the next major story arc of Fairy Tail. Expanding the world slightly, shedding some light on a member of the guild, and introducing the new antagonists well enough; each of them having distinct personalities. The adventure continues next week as Team Natsu learns more of the Cold Emperor’s plans.