ANIME MONDAY: Fairy Tail – “Reach The Sky Above” Review

Previously on Fairy Tail:

Team Natsu succeeded in defeating Lyon’s forces as well as Deliora, but there is still the matter of dealing with villagers demon problem. Spoilers Ahead.

Erza (Colleen Clinkenbeard) hatches a plan to destroy the moon in order to sort out the villagers demon problem. Donning her Giant Armor, she enlists Natsu’s (Todd Haberkorn) help to complete the task. Using her armor’s throwing power in conjunction with Natsu’s fire, Erza plans to launch her spear at the moon to destroy it; but when the spear reaches it’s destination it not only cracks the moon, but the sky itself. This isn’t the only thing that boggles everyone’s minds as Sherry (Trina Nishimura) & Yuka (Anthony Bowling) have come to the village to settle the score with Fairy Tail.

This episode puts an end to the Galuna Island arc and it wraps up things well enough. Having some good resolutions and a couple heart warming moments. Erza’s plan to destroy the moon is wholly ridiculous but it is funny to see her talk so seriously about it as well as see Natsu genuinely excited at the prospect of the lunacy. Turns out that Moon Drip spell created a thin membrane over the island, making the moon appear purple; this also affected to villagers memories making them forget that they were ALREADY demons (plot twist!). This is coupled by the fact that the fisherman who brought Natsu & the others to the island was in fact the chief’s previously thought dead son Bobo.

There aren’t any battles this episode so it is a nice chance to cool down and get some development in. We learn more about the villagers and the island itself. Initially afraid of how others would perceive they closed themselves off from the world and spread the “curse of galuna island” rumor in order to ward off would be tourists. This touches on the fear that people have of acceptance and I liked that about it, the people weren’t really monsters they were just afraid of the outside world, but thanks to Fairy Tail they now want to go and explore life outside the island.

The Galuna Villagers

Sherry & Yuka also get some minor development when they come to the village to “settle the score”. Instead of attacking the villagers they apologize for their actions and reveal that they were also victims of Deliora (not before being attacked by Erza of course). All is soon forgiven and they join the feast in the village at Natsu’s urging (more like forcing though). Fun is had and Gray is seen as a bit of a ladies man among the demon girls. Lyon even gets a moment when he asks Yuka & Toby what life in a guild is like.

We also get a couple more surprises this episode as it revealed that Zalty (Mark Stoddard) is actually a woman named Ultear (Lydia MacKay) and that she is Ur’s daughter (Plot twist #2!) and if that wasn’t enough she is also working along with Siegrain (Robert McCollum) on some secret plan that has something to do with Natsu. Ur also seems to have some mommy issues so it will be interesting to see how she grew to hate her mother (could be the whole presumed dead thing).


“Reach The Sky Above” is a nice end to the Galuna Island arc that has some heart warming moments, plenty of revelations, introductions of a couple sub plots, and a new character. The animation stays consistent and always the cast does a stellar job (this is one of Funi’s best dubs). The magic continues next when Natsu & his team return home to Magnolia.