ANIME MONDAY: Fairy Tail – “Lucy Heartfilia” Review

Previously on Fairy Tail:

With their guild hall and members attacked, Fairy Tail launches an assault on the Phantom Lord guild. However, while the rest of the guild is waging war, Lucy is kidnapped! Spoilers Ahead.

As Fairy Tail continues to their attack on Phantom Lord, Gajeel (David Wald) enters the fray. After taking out Nab (Mike McFarland) & Elfman (Christopher Sabat) he starts a fierce brawl with Natsu (Todd Haberkorn). Meanwhile, above the battleground, Makarov (R. Bruce Elliot) confronts Jose (Ed Blaylock) but is unaware that there is a surprise waiting for him.

Continuing right where last weeks episode left off, Fairy Tail continues their assault on Phantom Lord. The battle is largely 1 vs 20 fights as Fairy Tail has a lot less members than Phantom, but this does allow for glimpses of some of the other guild members magic. Cana (Jamie Marchi) shows off her card magic, Elfman gives a glimpse of his takeover magic, and Loke displays some of his ring magic during the brawl.

Gajeel also makes a strong appearance in his first official fight in the series and the battle between him and Natsu is a good one even if it’s cut a bit short. He demonstrates his Iron Dragon layer abilities and they are quite hard hitting an versatile as he catches Fairy Tail (and even some of his own men) off guard.

Gajeel (Right) attacking Elfman

We are introduced to another member of the Element Four when Makarov confronts Jose. Aria (Chris Rager) has command over the element of air and is also able to drain magical power, which he uses to take Makarov out of the fight.


Even with a fierce battle taking up a majority of the episode the most important piece of the puzzle…is Lucy (Cherami Leigh). Her origins are somewhat revealed in this episode when we learn of why Phantom kidnapped her. Turns out Lucy is a wealthy heiress, and that Phantom was hired by her father to bring her home. This is a pretty nice reveal as it adds something to Lucy and how her attitude is very contradictory of how an heiress should behave, it’s also implied that she and her father don’t get along very well; so why bring her home?

Lucy’s Father

“Lucy Heartfilia” is another solid episode with plenty of action and development to keep you satisfied. Some of the FT members get some time to show off and we learn more about some of Phantom’s abilities. The magic continues next week as Fairy Tail returns to Magnolia to regroup.