Anime Monday: Fairy Tail – “Fairies in the Wind” Review

Previously on Fairy Tail:

Lucy meets Erza Scarlet, the strongest woman in all of Fairy Tail. She, along with Natsu, Happy, & Gray accompany Erza on a mission to stop the Dark guild known as Eisenwald from unleashing the death magic known as “Lullaby” upon the people of Fiore. Spoilers Ahead.

Makarov (on Table) surrounded by other Guild Master’s

Natsu (Todd Haberkorn), Lucy (Cherami Leigh), Gray (Newton Pittman), Happy (Tia Ballard), & Erza (Colleen Clinkenbeard) head off to Oshibana station in order to stop Eisenwald from releasing the Lullaby spell upon the people of  the town. However it is revealed to be a trap as the Eisenwald’s leader Erigor (Jonathan Brooks) traps the Fairy Tail wizards in the station and heads to his real target, the town of Clover; where the Guild Masters convention is being held.

There is more development this episode, but more for characters than anything else. Eisenwald are basically just one note villains that serve as a wall for Team Natsu to build off of. Thier whole “we’re gonna kill all the guild masters plot” is generic but it serves it’s purpose. We get some sense of urgency as Fairy Tail does want to save the masters, but it’s nothing too elaborate or thrilling.

Erza’s “Heaven’s Wheel” Armor

We get some good action as Erza & Gray have a chance to show off their magical abilities, as well as get a look at Erigor’s wind magic. Erza has a form of magic known as “re-quipping” which allows her to switch between different weapons at will, she also has the ability to “re-quip” her armor into to different forms as well, increasing her abilities. She demonstartes in impressive fashion by taking about about 50-60 Eisenwald members on her own. Lucy helps too, but the battle was mostly used to show off Erza and build on her relationship with Lucy a bit. Gray has a short but entertaining battle with a member of Eisenwald, this serves as a small taste of just what he can create with his Ice magic.

There is also a few scenes at the Guild Masters conference which is nice as we get a peek into the other guilds in Magnolia and it was nice to see the various Guild masters having their own personalities. Gray & Natsu have a scenes together that expands on thier relationship as guild mates.

This was a rather basic episode all things considered. While the fight scenes and different magical abilities introduced were nice, the animation was lackluster at times which is sadly a problem plagued by most shonen anime series. It was still a decent episode however, and how Team Natsu gets out of this jam will be interesting to see.