ANIME MONDAY: Fairy Tail – “15 Minutes” Review

Previously on Fairy Tail:

Fairy Tail continued their assault on Phantom Lord but were forced to retreat when Master Makarov was taken out of the fight. Meanwhile at Phantom’s headquarters, Jose reveals why Lucy is their target before she is saved by Natsu. Spoilers Ahead!

Fairy Tail returns to the guild hall to regroup from their attack on Phantom Lord. Lucy (Cherami Leigh) begins to lament on the situation that everyone has been put in, but they have little time to recollect their thoughts however as Phantom’s HQ has moved across the waters to Magnolia. Armed with the might Jupiter Cannon, Phantom fires but it is blocked (just barely) by Erza. Fairy Tail has little time to think of a strategy though as the next blast will fire in only 15 minutes!

The first half of this episode deals with the fallout of the Phantom Lord assault as Fairy Tail returns home to lick their wounds, and as a result we get a good number of dramatic moments.

Lucy begins to regret running away from home and joining Fairy Tail after seeing the trouble her father has caused for them. She still hates her father, but laments over the fact that if she stayed this wouldn’t be happening.

Erza (Colleen Clinkenbeard) curses her own powerlessness in the battle after Makarov was taken out and how they were forced to retreat (should be noted that all this pathos happens in the shower), while Mirajane (Monical Rial) & Cana (Jamie Marchi) try in vain to get Laxus’ (Patrick Seitz) help who continues to be douche supreme. It is in these scenes that it is revealed that Mira herself used to be an S-Class wizard.

Speaking of Makarov we get an update on his condition as he is taken by Alzack (Austin Tindle) & Bisca (Angela Chase) to see Porlyusica

Erza’s Adamantine Armor

(Linda Young) hoping to find a way to reverse his condition. Porlyusica is an old friend of Makarov’s who oddly enough hates humans despite being one…or is she?

The second half of the episode is when the action comes back with Phantom Lord coming right to Fairy Tail’s door. Somehow their headquarters has mechanical legs and walks over the ocean to Magnolia (anime) and fires it’s massive Jupiter Cannon at Fairy Tail. Erza manages to deflect it (debuting her Adamantine Armor) but gets taken out in the process. Lucy is taken away by Reedus (Sonny Strait) at Mira’s request as Jose (Ed Blaylock) unleashes some of his shade magic in the form of Phantoms to attack. With Erza down, and everyone else protecting the guild hall, Natsu, Gray, & Elfman mount an assault to destroy the Jupiter Cannon.

“15 Minutes” is a decent enough episode with some decent drama and revelations. Things are growing ever more desperate and it interesting to see how Fairy Tail handles it with two of it’s most powerful wizards down for the count. The magic continues next week as the attack on the Jupiter Cannon begins.