ANIME MONDAY: Attack On Titan – “Wound – Defense of Trost Pt. 8” Review

Previously on Attack on Titan:

Eren & the others move to retake Trost from the Titans. Eren’s team reaches the boulder, but when he transforms into a Titan things start to go south when he goes on a rampage and attacks Mikasa! Spoilers Ahead.

Eren transforms into his Titan form but soon finds himself going on a rampage. Mikasa manages to dodge his first strike and leaps on his face attempting to make him come to his senses. Eren literally punches himself out and Mikasa is charged with protecting him while Ian and the others deal with the Titans in the surrounding area. Back at the other side of the gate Connie, Jean, & Annie are charged with leading more Titans to the edge of the gate while Armin races to the aid of Mikasa & Eren.

A direct continuation after what happened last episode, Mikasa and the others now have to deal with Eren who has gone out of control. Once again doesn’t do too much here seeing as how he is in his Titan form, but it does show what he is thinking while in it (after he punches himself out). Apparently he is having a dream where he is once again a young boy ans is living at home comfortably with his parent and Mikasa, this is interesting to note as he’s realized that he is tired of fighting and just wants to rest.

Mikasa also shines here a bit. She tries to get Eren to come to his senses early in the episode but to no avail. When Rico & Mitabi talk to Ian about the failure of the mission and propose to leave Eren behind and retreat, Mikasa gets PISSED and in no certain terms threatens to kill anyone who leaves Eren behind. Her rage is quelled however when Ian says that they have to put their hopes in Eren and charges Mikasa with guarding him calling Eren her “boyfriend” which makes Mikasa to blush (not gonna lie I kind flipped out when that happened I mean she looked so cute). She even kills her fair share of Titans so there’s that too.

Armin also gets another chance to shine when he reaches Eren & Mikasa and tasks himself with reviving Eren (even though I think Mikasa should have been the one to do it but whatever). he plunges his blade into the Titan’s neck, stabbing Eren’s and briefly waking him. He tells him how dire the situation is and reminds him why he wanted to kill all of the Titans and see the outside world in the first place, snapping Eren out of his funk.

While all this is going on the most tension filled scenes definitely go to Jean’s group. They’re tasked with luring the Titans to the outer edge of the gate but things soon go south when Jean’s maneuver gear malfunctions and he has to hide from 2 Titans. Theses scenes are scary as hell as Connie & Annie make it back up the wall but Jean is forced to hide in an abandoned house. He sees a Manuever gear attached to a dead soldier but doesn’t know if he can reach it.

“Wound” is a nice continuation of last week as the situation grows more dire by the second and the animation is much better throughout compared to last week. Problems are happening all over the place and Eren has to shoulder the responsibility of the plan. Jean tries to evade death, Mikasa fights to protect her brother, Armin tries to revive his friend, and the whole Garrison is fighting for their lives. The war to survive continues next week as Eren once again tries to carry out the plan.