ANIME MONDAY: Attack On Titan – “What Should Be Done – Night Before the Counteroffensive Pt. 3”

Previously on Attack On Titan:

Eren had been released into the custody of the Survey Corps under the eye of Captain Levi. Joining Levi’s Spec. Ops Squad, Eren learns from Captain Hanji about the two Titans (now named Sonny & Bean) captured during the battle of Trost. More info on the Titans ins brought to light but things soon go south when Sonny & Bean are found dead. Spoilers Ahead!


After  the deaths of Sonny & Bean, a full scale search of every soldiers maneuver gear is conducted to find the killers. The trainees are examined as well but their minds are far away from the current situation as it is the day where they choose what branch of the military they will be joining. While Armin & Mikasa have already decided to join the Survey Corps with Eren, Annie decides to join the Military Police while Connie is still on the fence. His choice becomes all the more important as he finds out that Jean has decided to join the Survey Corps as well.

Just like the previous 2 episodes, there is no action scenes, but as with those same episodes it doesn’t matter. Although unlike previous episodes this one shifts the focus from Eren to the rest of his graduating class; and there is a lot of angst floating in the air.

What Jean thinks might happen

The previously established plot point about Sonny & Bean’s killers is put on the back burner, which is a bit disappointing since the last episode made it look like a big deal, but the main focus of the episode kind of makes up for that misstep.

While all of the Trainees get some share of the spotlight, most of it is shined on Jean & Connie, since they are the two with the most weighing on their minds. Jean, still mourning Marco’s death, decided to join the Survey Corps seeing as how it is the only thing he think he can do, Annie joins the Military Police because she wants to survive, and Connie & Sasha are still on the fence as they are now deathly afraid of the Titans.

At the selection ceremony Erwin pleads his case for the Survey Corps and the upcoming expedition to Zhiganshina with a less than heartwarming speech about how he expects 30% of the corps will be dead in the next four years (way to build up your squad Erwin). He then states that those who do not wish to join the Survey Corps leave and not surprisingly a huge number of them do just that (including Annie) leaving Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Connie, Sasha, Krista, Ymir, Reiner, Bertholdt, and a few other graduates.

Eren does show up, but his apperances are kind of sporadic since he’s not the focus. His reunites with the others (his reunion with Mikasa being the only light moment in the episode when she comments on how she’s going to make Levi pay for what he did in the courthouse) and finds out about Marco’s death. His position as the Military’s hope is once again thrust in his face when Jean confronts him about his inability to control his Titan powers, the group putting their faith in him nonetheless. The pressure s definitely on.

“What Should Be Done” is a pretty good episode that places everything in place for the next arc to begin. The other graduates get the spotlight and it was nice to see how they think of everything that’s happened since Trost. The war to survive continues next week as the 57th Expedition beyond the walls begins…and the Survey Corps encounter an unexpected surprise.