ANIME MONDAY: Attack On Titan – “Still Can’t See – Night Before the Counteroffensive Pt.1” Review

Previously on Attack On Titan:

Pixis’ plan to seal the wall was a success as Eren was able to block off the hole, but soon after the young man found himself in a jail cell’ tied to a bed and being interrogated by the Survey Corps. Spoilers Ahead.

After sitting in the underground cell for about a day or so, Eren is eventually called to a trial to see who will control his future: the Military Police (who want to kill him) or the Survey Corps (who want to use him to retake Wall Maria). Things soon start to get out of control when a merchant accuses Mikasa of also being a Titan causing Eren to call them cowards. This in turn almost gets him shot until Levi unexpectedly beats Eren down in front of everyone.

After last weeks recap it’s good to see the show get back on track (with a new opening and ending no less). No action this episode (unless count a one sided beat down as an action scene) but the tension and drama more than make up for it.

We finally get a good look at the Survey Corps this episode as well as the soldiers who are in it. We learn a bit more about Erwin druing his talk with Pixis about Eren. He is a calm, composed, and all around kind man who holds his rather ragtag group together. Initially introduced in episode 9 along with Levi, we once again met Hanji Zoe a woman who is obsessed with learning more about the Titan’s (as evident by her collecting Eren’s tooth when Levi knocks it out), and we also meet Mike Zakarius, who has the weird habit of sniffing people he meets for the first time then smirking.

Hanji Zoe

While most of the focus is put on Eren, we also check in on Mikasa & Armin also. Armin tells Mikasa that Eren is to be put on trial and she is quite upset up about it before they are summoned as witnesses. At the trial, the incident where Mikasa was attacked by Eren (much to his surprise) is brought up by Rico but Mikasa also tells of the two times he saved her, which is what calls her humanity into question.

The trial scene is actually pretty tense as not only do the Military Police bring up Eren’s Titan abilities but also the incident where he and Mikasa killed the three robbers that killed her family and kidnapped her, putting their base humanity into question. As stated earlier Levi proceeds to beat the crap out of Eren to prove that he can kill Eren should he rampage (much to Mikasa’s rage) which awards the Survey Corps custody of him.

Mikasa’s face says 1000 words

The mystery of Eren’s Titan abilities is also explored a bit more as when Hanji brings the tooth Levi knocked out to him…she sees that it has already grown back.

“Still Can’t See” is another stellar episode in a pretty well done series. Character introductions, drama, violence, it’s all here wrapped up in a nice package. The new arc is starting off well and it will be nice to see where things go from here. The war to survive continues next week as Eren officially joins the Survey Corps.