ANIME MONDAY: Attack On Titan – “Forest of Giant Tress – 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls Pt. 2” Review

Previously on Attack On Titan:

The mission to Zhiganshina had begun, but things soon hit a snag when they right flank was taken out by Titans. Not only that but Armin, Jean, & Reiner encountered a Female Titan! Managing to escape Armin not only deduces that she’s a shifter, but that she’s also looking for Eren! Spoilers Ahead!

Armin, Jean, & Reiner find themselves stranded and far from the rest of the Survey after evading the Female Titan. Down to one horse, the trio prepares to leave one behind until they are saved by Krista. The group rendevous with their squad and head towards the front of the formation until they see the signal to continue the operation despite Titan interference. Unsure of the Commander’s orders, the Survey Corps soon stop at the Forest of Giant Trees, the new recruits stay outside to keep Titans from entering while Erwin, the supply cache and the Spec Ops. Squad head through the forest. Levi’s squad is unsure of Erwin’s motives, but they have little time to debate as the Female Titan finds them!

Despite having a slow start till around the middle, this is still a very good episode and things are certainly getting wild with the Female Titan.

The Survey Corps is in shambles thanks to Titan attacks but Erwin’s continued perserrverance begins to wear on the new recruits and eventually the Spec Ops Squad. No one really knows what Erwin is thinking, but Armin speculates that he already knew of the Female Titan and is trying to lure her into the forest despite the casualties. Jean also has his doubts about Erwin’s recent command decision but decides to save it for later and continues to follow orders.

Besides Armin’s group we really don’t see too much of the new recruits this episode. Mikasa & Connie have a scene together explaining their own displeasure about the forest plan. Sasha is seen briefly talking to her captain and Ymir & Bertholdt aren’t seen at all until everyone else in the trees. Krista has a moment when she saves the boys and there is a funny seen where Jean & Armin liken her to a goddess and Reiner says he wants to marry her. It’s a nice little diversion from the serious stuff if only for a moment.


Speaking of serious stuff, there’s the Female Titan. Still on a hunt for Eren she proceeds to tear through any and all opposition in her path (mostly because they attack her first), she kills about 8-10 soldiers this episode and further establishes herself as a being not to be messed with. The way she dispatches the soldiers is also interesting to watch. When cornered in a town and attacked from three different angles by three soldiers, she jumps, upsetting their Maneuver Gears; stepping on one, smashing one into a building and spinning the last one around like a toy. There is also a kinda humrous death as she puntss a fourth soldier who was trying to flee, horse in all (call the NFL).

The scene where she finally finds Eren is filled with suspense as she dispatches two soldiers following her from behind while simultaneously catching up with the Spec Ops Squad. The squad beg Levi for orders as she closes in. They want to move to the trees to kill the Titan but Levi remains quiet, could he actually be afraid?

“Forest of Giant Trees” despite it’s slow start is a good episode with few moments of development and loads of suspensed dripped alongside the rising body count. The music, especially when the Female Titan enters the forest, hits in all the right spots and the animation remains top notch. The war to survive continues next week as the Survey Corps continues to deal with the Female Titan.