Boardwalk Empire Series 3 already available for instant streaming in UK

The third series of the hit Sky Atlantic HBO show Boardwalk Empire is now available to watch instantly through blinkbox and NOOK Video. This marks the first new series on NOOK Video since the launch of the HBO catalogue on 10 December, making blinkbox and NOOK the only places in the UK for HBO fans to buy and own titles months ahead of the DVD and Blu-ray release later this year. This is great for those of us reluctant to wait for the DVD (although because of my OCD tendencies I’m still going to have to pick this up on DVD when it’s released, otherwise the shelf will just look incomplete!)

The third season of the hit HBO drama series begins months after the shocking events of Season 2 on New Year’s Eve. With the Roaring 20’s about to really begin, the economy is booming but alcohol has become scarce, competition is fierce and gangster violence is heating up. Amidst this backdrop, Nucky, the undisputed czar of Prohibition-era Atlantic City, is battling with his sham of a marriage to Margaret (Kelly Macdonald) after she signed away his highway windfall to the church. He also faces new competition in the person of Gyp Rosetti (Bobby Cannavale), who builds a new strategic bulkhead between New York and Atlantic City in an effort to siphon off Nucky’s alcohol business. Witness the best and worst in Nucky, who proves his brutal mettle in a series of violent encounters.

If you haven’ seen Boardwalk yet then you should definately check out the first two series, it was developed by Martin Scorsese and stars Steve Buscemi (so needless to say it’s a badass gangster show).