Argevollen – “Awakening” Review

After finding the mysterious Argevollen, Tokimune and his comrades attempt to exite the combat zone, but will they make it? Read on to find out.

After successfully defeating their pursuers, Tokimune and the others make their way to their next rendevous point. The only problem is that it’s through a tunnel. With the enemy continuing to chase them down, and Tokimune having trouble piloting the Argevollen, can they make it through in time?

Argevollen 2.2

Argevollen tries to step out of the shadows of its predecessors with its second outing. Does it succeed? Not really, but it takes more than one episode to wash off bland.

Virtually nothing from this episode stands out from the previous one. Tokimune’s problems with the Argevollen somewhat make sense but he himself doesn’t seem all that important. In fact the only reason he can pilot the Argevollen is because he was the first one who hopped into the thing, meaning any other soldier could have done the same thing and nothing would really change. Nothing makes Tokimune special or relatable (he’s also kind of an asshole), there for there is really no reason to root for him; his own team even considers leaving him in the tunnel when the enemy catches up.

Argevollen 2.3

The other characters don’t do too much either, there is rumblings of a major antagonist coming but it comes as more textbook than exciting. It’s stated by one of Tokimune’s superiors that he and Jamie are good for each other, but the two have no little to no chemistry (but that’s never stopped half baked romance subplots before). Basically their relationship is Tokimune yelling at how he can’t pilot the Argevollen and Jamie telling him how much he sucks at piloting it.

On the animation side of things, the robo fights look nice, but don’t offer much in the way of excitement since we know Tokimune won’t die since he’s the only one who can pilot the ultra robot. There is no suspense, so it’s kind of hard to get invested.

Argevollen 2.1

Just like the first episode, Argevollen really doesn’t do anything to stand out from the crowd. There are sprinkles of good ideas here and there, too bad this “Awakening” will put you right back to sleep.

+ Robot fights look decent - Bland characters - No real excitement - Too formulaic