Wonder Woman #39 Review

Who will be Queen? Should you care? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC:

Wonder Woman returns to Paradise Island, and she’s in for a surprise: The Amazons have chosen a new queen to lead them! The identity of this new queen will send shock waves through the entire DC Universe! Guest-starring the Justice League and featuring the introduction of Diana’s craziest new cast member in, well, ever!

Wonder Woman 39_Variant CoverWar-Torn” reaches it’s fourth chapter and the new creative team continues to stretch their legs in a world defined by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang. This latest outing moves the journey of Diana forward, while taking the time to highlight the turmoil caused by the various roles now facing our heroine. And that right there makes the outing intriguing but there were select off moments.

Kudos to Meredith Finch for taking Wonder Woman out of her secluded playing field and bringing her into the connected tissue that is the New 52. Because the author has done that, we’re given an outing where War has to face what she is where she’s from. The direct results from the last three years are on display, as Donna Troy rises. But there were some bits of questionable dialogue that took me out of the moment. Even with these conversation pieces the core of the icon remains the same, as the narrative engages its audience while growing the dangers surrounding our protagonist.

I may be in the minority but I’ve enjoyed the illustrative works of David Finch ever since I picked up an issue of Ascension. The talent offers a unique and controlled vision that, at times, delivers some dynamic shots. But there were renditions that left me wanting, especially as it relates to Superman. Every time I saw Kal-El he looked off while the other members of the League seemed right in my estimation. Add in the colors by Sonia Oback and the whole of the art gets solidified.

Wonder Woman #39 does just enough right in regard to the growing literary legacy of Diana in order to earn a sturdy recommendation from me. Recommended.

  • + Sturdy visuals.
  • + Competent narrative.
  • + Wonder Woman steps up!
  • - Has some questionable dialogue...

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