‘We Are Legend’, The ‘I Am Legend’ Sequel That Never Will Be

i am legend

7 years have passed since Will Smith, As virologist Robert Neville, tried to find a cure to the “cure” for cancer that ravaged the planet, transforming regular people into super powered photosensitive vampire zombies, in a film that took little from the source material, but in one of those weird instances, actually delivered a heart-wrenching post-apocalyptic thrill ride and one of Mr.Smith’s best performances.

There has been talk of a follow-up film from 2008 all the way to 2012, where producers and writers were working on a story that could include Will Smith’s Robert Neville, even though the character met his end at the climax of the movie. The new picture would be a prequel to Legend, chronicling the early days of the outbreak and would feature Neville and a team of scientists working to find a cure together.

This new direction has many interesting possibilities for a good story that could tie in perfectly to the original and tell a very human story about a group of scientists trying to right their wrongs and survive in a world they are responsible for.

I Am Legend

In my perfect world the film would be titled “We Are Legend” and would focus on each characters struggle with the outbreak they may have caused themselves as they try to redeem their actions and save the world. We already know Smith’s Neville would survive the prequel, but if other great actors are cast that deliver as strong a performance as Smith’s in the original, then the prequel would stand strong on its own, then include Smith depicting a Neville having to learn how to survive, as his team dies one by one, which could, in turn, give new life to Neville’s plastic friends, who could have been named after the scientists that worked with him to fight the virus in his early days. The most gripping stories are those that focus on character like in popular television series’ Walking Dead & Breaking Bad, and the original I Am Legend, that focused solely on Robert Neville’s struggle of being the only human alive, for the first 2 thirds of the movie.

7 years have passed since the first I Am Legend and nothing has moved forward, but there is a possibility for a great prequel to emerge somewhere down the line and hopefully it is sooner then later. How did you feel about I Am Legend? Would you like to see the story continued/ expanded? Or do you believe a single film is enough? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!