The Warner Bros. panel at San Diego Comic-Con isn’t until tomorrow, but already news is coming in on the creative talent for DC’s most anticipated film. Deadline reports that Academy Award winning screenwriter Chris Terrio is being courted to write the script for Justice League. Terrio was brought on board to rewrite the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice script, and word has it that Warner Bros. is so impressed with his work that they want him to write the team-up film. No official release date for Justice League has been announced, although it is being filmed back-to-back with Batman V Superman. Zack Snyder will direct the team-up epic.


Largely unknown before 2012, Terrio soared to the big leagues when he wrote the screenplay for Argo, (directed by our future Batman Ben Affleck), which soon earned him the Oscar for Best Screenplay among other awards. He was brought onto Batman V Superman (most likely at Affleck’s request) to rework the script that David Goyer started. Terrio’s future projects include Bunker Hill and The Foreigner.

This “bombshell” really isn’t surprising. Although the film is a hotbed for Internet criticism (the title doesn’t help things), Batman V Superman is shaping up to be one of Warner Bros’ biggest endeavors. If Warner Bros. is this pleased with his work, they’d obviously want to bring him back for Justice League. After all, with most (if not all) the heroes confirmed to appear in Batman V Superman, Terrio already has the experience writing these characters. He just has to bring them together for what Deadline says might be Warner Bros. “highest-priority film.” Plus, if the studio is already bringing Zack Snyder back to direct, they’d be crazy not to maintain that continuity and bring the scriptwriter back as well. This guy clearly has the writing chops, so I’m sure he’ll deliver the super heroic goods.


SOURCE: Deadline