Wannabe Rapper Gets Beat in Rap Battle By His Teacher!

Rapper Blizzard gets schooled (HA! see what I did there!?) by his former teacher Mark Grist in a rap battle.

What’s this got to do with fanboyism…. errrm they mention World of Warcraft and Beyblade… what do you mean that’s tenuous at best? This is great…. just watch the damn video! Even if you aren’t a fan of rap Mark Grist’s poetry in motion will put a smile on your face as he puts a young “rapper” in his place. Skip to 1.30 when the fun begins.

Always nice to see a fellow “geek” get one over on the yutes of today right? What do you guys prefer Blizzards aggresive “I can speak well fast innit” approach or the slow whimsical stylings of his teacher?

  • Tom

    Not his teacher, he’s from Peterborough, the kid is from Manchester 😉

    • Steve Lemlek

      Good point…but it only makes the vid 1% less awesome

    • http://unleashthefanboy.com Ciaran

      I got mates who teach in different cities to the ones they grew up in – the guy is a teacher, and an entertaining poet, you should check out his stuff with MC Mixy

  • Cyanyde

    I wish my teachers were cool like that..

    I was laughing out loud at this, that doesn’t happen too often any more. 🙁