Vixen to Appear on ARROW’s Fourth Season

Vixen Arrow 1

The CW has been announcing major plans to expand the shared universe currently dominated by Arrow and The Flash by adding TV series such as Legends of Tomorrow, but some might not be aware that they had actually already expanded their universe through the help of Vixen. This animated web series stars the voice of Megalyn Echikunwoke as the eponymous superhero, an African orphan by the name of Mari McCabe who is able to impersonate pretty much any animal that comes to mind.

Now, Echikunwoke will be impersonating her own character on TV sets everywhere when she makes the transition from animation to live action. Vixen has been confirmed to appear in the fifteenth episode of Arrow’s fourth season, which will be airing on February 24, 2016. Marc Guggenheim, executive producer of both Vixen and Arrow, is apparently pretty excited to expand the character’s role within the greater Arrowverse, as evidenced by his talk with TV Insider.

“We’re not only thrilled to be further expanding our DC television universe by bringing in the live-action incarnation of the CW Seed hit, Vixen, we’re immensely excited that Megalyn will be revisiting her role as Mari McCabe.”

While no details were given on Vixen’s role in this episode, it’s unlikely that they’d bother casting her if they didn’t plan on giving her a decent part. She’s already met some of the characters in the CW universe on her own web series, so the animalistic superhero should have no problem leaping right into the action. As for whether or not her superpower will come across as well on a live-action show as it does on the cartoon, bear in mind that The Flash just recently gave us King Shark. The CW universe isn’t shying away from the ridiculous, and Vixen is at least less ridiculous than that.

Vixen Arrow 2

Luckily, those who have seen the show know that most of what Vixen does is actually pretty awesome. She’s more into parkour and cool powers than lame animal calls, so her live-action counterpart should be a blast to watch. Let’s hope that this is a real part and not just some lame cameo. February 24 is pretty far off, so it’ll be a while before we find out for sure. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer below and decide for yourself whether or not you think Vixen will be able to fill a decent supporting role alongside heroes such as Green Arrow and Black Canary.

The entire six-episode first season of the Vixen web series runs only 31 minutes, and can be watched for free on CW Seed.