VICTOR FRIES — How I learned to be a decent Human Being

I hope everyone can appreciate my Stanley Kubrick reference with the title of this edition of Comic Rants. The last time that I talked, I talked about the LGBT community and comics, which was very important to

arkhamcity_mrfreeze_screenshotme. This time I wanted to talk about a favorite character of mine that has taught me, many life lessons due to the fact he had a pretty hard life himself. Now when you think of life lessons, then you have the thought of a superhero, such, as Batman or Spider-man and every other super hero out there. However, the person that I think of when I think life lessons is Victor Fries, aka, Mr. Freeze. For those of you don’t know, Mr. Freeze is a villain from Batman, he is kind of under played and was awfully portrayed by Arnold in one of the Batman films. Now before you get all angry, and say that he is not someone to take life lessons from, hear me out and read this article.

Life Lesson #1 Good and Evil is not always black or white

The one thing about Victor Fries is that he has been built up as a villain from his countless encounters with Batman. However, have you ever noticed that everything that he does is because he is trying to find the cure for Nora? Nora, for those of you who don’t know, was Victor’s wife. He loved her with all his heart but due to a disease she became quite ill and in order to try to find a cure for his wife, he kept her m a cryogenic state until he found a cure. Now, there are different renditions of the story, but the main one is like that. This is where the line between good and evil becomes blurry because he does break the law and can seem very selfish but he is doing it because of his wife. I mean there is a fine, fine, line.

Life Lesson #2 Fight for what you believe in

You know it is something to be said that you should stand up for what you believe. I mean if we didn’t, I think that world would be a dark and scary place full of peons that just do what is told of them. However,

 Life Lesson #3 Love is worth it all


Victor has taught me to fight for what is right and what I think is right. Now, sometimes, this can be evil if what your intention is but regardless you showing the will power and the ability to stand up, is still honorable.  I have to say that people should take a page from the way that he takes a stance and knows what he is as a person. He does what he thinks is right. I think that he realizes that people see him as the villain but I don’t think that he cares. Now, he does go a little overboard but it’s the true desire and passion that makes it worth doing.

Now this is the sappy part of the article so if you have to throw up because of it, I completely understand and, honestly, will not judge. There is some great puns and cheesiness coming so please prepare yourself. Victor is a man that does everything for the sake of love. Even in every rendition of Mr. Freeze, he is always doing things for his wife. Even in the latest version of Mr. Freeze, which is very different because he is a psychopath and actually never married Nora, he still does it for love. He is like Jack from Titantic, just giving and giving until he dies for the person he loves. It is the greatest thing in this world that drives people to do things and Victor shows you what you can accomplish if you realize that potential.  He always had love in his heart, when Nora was his and when she was gone and he has done things that couldn’t be achieved without some sort passion pushing him. This is a life lesson that is clearly worth leaving.

The Epic Conclusion

Well there you have it folks, I do hope that you really do see Victor in a different light and really understand that he is not as bad of a guy. His intention may seem selfish to some but the overarching pattern is that he is a good person and has much to teach us, if we just listen. Remember, to “chill” but, also, take a page from Victor and  just love.


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