UTF PODCAST EPISODE 1: The Great Beginning

It’s not all hookers and piles of cash here at the UTF Corporate Headquarters; every now and then we have to get back in touch with our roots. You know, the good old days, before the internet, when fanboys and girls would just sit around in person talking nerdy to each other for hours like real live human beings?

This is nothing like that. It’s a podcast. But in keeping with the spirit of those golden days of yore, we stumbled into the 21st Century and are now making our way into your earholes with our traditional UTF irreverence and slightly misaligned perspectives.

Stephen Lemlek, Harrison Rawdin, and myself are three of your humble writers for UTF, and in our inaugural show, we are actually broadcasting from South Korea, Arizona, and Texas, respectively. But no distance can stop us from boozing it up like heathens and ranting on everything from shameful arousals by video game characters to how Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles might not be the worst thing that ever happened, and so much more.

Oh yeah, and we talk comics and the biggest rip-off characters in the industry.

So, give it a listen and let us know what you think, and stay tuned every week for a new episode!



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