Top 5 “Fus Ro Dah” From Skyrim

The “Fus Ro Dah”, also known as the go-to Skyrim‘s Dragon Shout, is definitely one of the better memes to come out of 2011, even better than that overused “arrow to the knee” nonsense.

So, to save you hours of mindless Internet browsing, all in search of the absolute funniest Dragon Shouts, I’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 “Fus Ro Dah”. They’re in no particular order, because they’re all equally funny in their own distinct ways. Check them out below.

Brit-Pop “Fus Ro Dah”

Panda “Fus Ro Dah”

Mouse v Cat….With Dragon Shout!!!

Kung-Fu “Fus Ro Dah”

God’s Dragon Shout

So what’d you think? If you have any others that you think should be on the list, go ahead and sound off in the comments section below.